The Montana Knights of Columbus recently announced that during the fraternal year, members and their families gave over $210,000 to a wide range of charitable, youth, community and church activities and programs. This last spring, the Montana Knight of Columbus sold $38,120 worth of raffle tickets to benefit Special Olympics.

Additionally, there were over 140,000 volunteer hours expended for these activities by the 51 councils, State Officers, State Chairmen and District Deputies. There are over 5,200 members State wide.

The 2017 Supreme Convention Motto: Convinced of God’s Love and Power. 
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said: 
“Our vocation to Fraternity is an expression of our Catholic faith. 
This year let us be in even greater ways who we are called to be as brother Knights.  Let us strive to be that radiant and attractive witness of fraternal communion that our Church and our world so desperately need. Let us strive to be authentic witnesses of how to care for one another, and how to encourage and accompany one another.  We can and we will do these things as the spiritual sons of Father McGivney.  We can and we will do these things because we are convinced of God’s love and power.” 

“Vivat Jesus!”